works on paper



Nikomachi was born and raised in Athens. She studied Business Administration at the Athens University of Economics and Business. She continued her studies in London with a B.A. in Public Art at the Chelsea School of Art and a B.A. (Hons) in Fine Art: Sculpture at the Wimbledon School of Art. She then went on to study Chinese calligraphy in Shanghai, through which she explored new forms of capturing water and transparency. In 2019 she attended an art residency in the desert of Atacama in Chile.

Nikomachi is an artist, whose work focuses on natural materials: white marble from the island of Thasos, red clay, and pure bronze. These raw materials meet the viewer head on, in a constant play of scale and proportion. She finds inspiration in light, movement and silence.

There is a luminosity to her work, that comes from using similar colours in different saturations thus creating volume, a result of her training in both painting and sculpture. She seeks both inner and outer light, drawing the viewer into a space where timeless abstraction meets the divine.